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1 = Total heightMaterial frame: 80mm diameter, 3mm thickness. 316 marine grade stainless steel.Opening: Geared winch system with detachable handle.
2 = Open height

3 = Closed height

4 = Canopy size

ShapeCodeSizeTotal heightOpen heightClosed HeightNo. of ribsPole sizeSize of ribs

3.0m HE-SQ3.0m3.0m2.2m0.75m4

80mm diameter

3mm thickness

38mm diameter

3mm thickness

4.0m HE-SQ4.0m3.4m2.2m0.65m4

80mm diameter

3mm thickness

38mm diameter

3mm thickness

The Hurricane Extreme has a wide range of colours in both Ferrari 502 and 602 PVC. (click the Parasol Colour dropdown menu to select your choice of colour)

4 x 4 Free Standing Cross Base

Metal cross base to support 3.0m and 4.0m square Hurricane Extreme. Base frame designed to house 40cm x 40cm concrete slabs to the specified weight.

Concrete Base Weights4 x 35KG concrete base weights designed to fit into the cross base frame.

Ground Base

Designed to be set into concrete to secure the parasol to the ground.
Deck Plate

600 x 600 x 10 Galvanised deck plate for installation on a deck area or existing concrete slab.

Bamboo Base Box

Bamboo base cover box. High quality treated bamboo wood box. Cushions are an optional extra and can be quoted on a case by case basis.

Heater Tray

Heater tray to conceal cabling and mount heating arms. Lighting can also be attached to the tray.
Heating ArmsHeating arms for the heating units.
2 x Heaters

2 x Solamagic 1.5KW electric IR heaters, with integrated switches

2 x brackets to attach heating units to parasol ribs

4 x Heaters

4 x Solamagic 1.5KW electric IR heaters, with integrated switches

4 x brackets to attach heating units to parasol ribs

Lights Only

4 x LED spot lights

can be fitted to the heater tray or the top plate of the parasol

The Hurricane extreme is the strongest and largest of Bambrella’s parasols and is designed and manufactured in the UK. The frame is made using 316 stainless steel which is marine polished to a mirror finish like the stainless steel hardware on a yachts deck. This high polish makes it more impervious to weather as well as making it a real head turner. The canopy material is high performance pvc and the frame is supported using stainless steel rigging which you would usually see holding up the mast of a yacht.


Even though this parasol can be left open all year round, it is fitted with a geared crank system allowing it to be opened and closed in seconds. Like all Bambrella designs the inspiration comes from the boat building background of the owner of Bambrella, Rupert Bottomley and his team of expert engineers.


This umbrella is made to last a lifetime.

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Bambrella 3.0m Hurricane Extreme

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