Sirocco Side Wind

Boasting a flawless and unique-shaped bamboo cantilever parasol, the Bambrella Sirocco Side Wind is an all-rounder for your garden and terrace; with a 360 degree rotational base and a 45 degree canopy tilt, you can decide when to block the sun and when to let it shine through.

The geared winch system provides an effortless operation, making the parasol accessible for all of our customers with different wants and needs. Bambrella uses a specialised type of polymer for the bearings, meaning that the parasols never seize up or rust.

The Sirocco is perfect for providing shade over hot tubs, outside sofas and dining tables.

Diagram Reference Material Frame Opening
1 = Total height,
2 = Open height,
3 = Closed height
The posts and ribs are made from bamboo, hub, runner – marine grade nylon PA66 A geared winch system ensuring easy opening and closing of the parasol.


Sirocco Side Wind Round Specifications
Diagram Code Size Total height Open height Closed height Pole size No of ribs Size of ribs
3.0m Round R-SW-S
8 28 x 20mm
1 1/8″ x 3/4″
4 x 30kg
4 x 60lb
Sirocco Side Wind Square Specifications
Diagram Code Size Total height Open height Closed height Pole size No of ribs Size of ribs
2.6m Square
2.6m SQ-SW-S
8 28 x 20mm
1 1/8″ x 3/4″
4 x 30kg
4 x 60lb

We have 2 different types of bases for this small cantilever umbrella, depending if you plan to move the parasol’s position on your patio, or if this will have a permanent one. The granite base is portable and has a rotating bracket for you to find the perfect shade no mater the time of the day. The in-ground base is for permanent fixation in to the ground, but you will still be able to rotate the parasol.

Granite Base with Bracket

Our granite cross base frame for the Sirocco is 120kg heavy, and comes in the form of a metal cross base with 4 slots, which is where the granite weights are placed. For extra stability, we can provide 8 x granite bases. The base also comes with a rotator to enable the parasol to rotate 360 degrees.

granite base with tiles

In-ground Base

The strongest support and fixation would be to permanently install your parasol into the ground. To install it, you would need to dig a hole approximately 70-80cm deep and then set it with concrete. Click here for full instructions.

Deck Plate

This Deck Plate parasol base is made to be bolted to a hard floor for long-term use.

Protective cover

We always recommend purchasing a waterproof protective cover with your parasols. This will protect the canopy when the parasol isn’t in use, or when placed in storage, in turn minimising fading, dirt build up and ensuring the canopy lasts longer.


Bambrella recommends the Electric Parasol Heater Golden 2000 for use with our Levante Side Wind parasol. This outdoor heating solution has a 2000-watt amber lamp, and can be affixed to the main cantilever pole of your parasol. It creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere under your parasol, and it can be controlled by your mobile phone. You can also affix this heater on a wall or ceiling.

LED Lights

Make the most of the evenings by attaching our LED light to your parasols. Simply place the two brackets on the spokes and light up the canopy within seconds. This light is powered by a rechargeable battery and comes with a 3 step dimmer switch, to provide you with between 5 – 20 hours of lighting time.

Bambrella uses three types of material for their canopies – Polyester, Spuncrylic and Recasens.

– Polyester is our entry level parasol canopy material, which comes with a 1 year year guarantee. It’s made of a strong polyester fibre, which is resistant to creasing and is great at holding its shape. We offer two natural colours in Polyester – beige and natural.

– Spuncrylic is Bambrella’s mid-range canopy material, and is the most popular. Spuncrylic is a polyester material that has been through “solution dying,” which gives the material a very high resistance to sunlight fading.
– Spuncrylic is stain resistant and water repellant.
– This is Bambrella’s most popular canopy material choice and comes in the widest array of colours. It also comes with a 3 year guarantee.
– UPF +50 (Ultraviolet Protectin Factor).

– Recasens is Bambrella’s top range canopy material, and comes with a 10 year guarantee.
– The Recasens fabric is 100% solution died acrylic, and it is stain and rot resistant. The fabric material is also water repellent and breathable.
– The feel of the canopy material is noticeably thicker, but has a smooth canvas feel as opposed to plastic-like.
– Bambrella has Recasens covers especially made per order, so the lead time is slightly longer.

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