Hurricane Extreme

The King of the Bambrella parasol portfolio – our Hurricane Extreme. Designed and built to withstand the harshest and most extreme weather conditions, it is certainly the most reliable and strongest parasol on the global market.

Capable of withstanding wind speeds up to 125 km/h, this parasol really is heavy duty and is the most technically advanced parasol you’ll come across. With its unique, head-turning design and with the ability to provide both shade and shelter, this luxurious parasol could be the perfect addition to your outside space.

The Bambrella Hurricane Extreme has a 304 heavy duty stainless steel frame, meaning this parasol is extremely stable, sturdy and highly sought-after.

Diagram Reference Material Frame Opening
1 = Total height,
2 = Open height,
3 = Closed height
The posts and ribs, hub and runner – 316 Marine grade mirror polished finish stainless steel. A geared winch system ensuring easy opening and closing of the parasol.


Hurricane Extreme Square Parasol Specifications
Diagram Code Size Total height Open height Closed height Pole size No of ribs Size of ribs
3.0m Square 3.0m HE-SQ 3.0 x 3.0m 10′ x 10′ 3.0m 10′ 2.2m 7’3″ 0.75m 2’6″ 80mm dia 3mm thick 4 38mm dia 3mm thick
4.0m Square 4.0m HE-SQ 4.0 x 4.0m 13.5′ x 13.5′ 4.0m 13’2″ 2.2m 7’3″ 0.65m 2’2″ 80mm dia 3mm thick 4 38mm dia 3mm thick
Sizes available:
3.0m SQ
3.5m SQ
4.0m SQ
3.5×2.5 REC
4.2×2.9 REC
4.7×3.3 REC
4.5 RND
5.1 RND
5.8 RND

The bases for the Hurricane Extreme are made with galvanised steel, to ensure our parasols have incredible stability. We have a range of bases listed below that fit our recommendations, and they included weighted and permanent solutions.

4 x 4 Cross Base with Weights

In-Ground Base

Deck Plate

Bamboo Base Box

If you would like a weighted base for your Hurricane Extreme, we would provide you with a metal heavy duty cross base frame with four slots for weights. Each weight is 30kg and made of concrete. The most secure weight for the Hurricane Extreme is 480kg, meaning we would provide you with 16 weights to slot into place and on top of each other. The strongest support and fixation would be to permanently install your parasol into the ground. To install it, you would need to dig a hole approximately 70-80cm deep and then set it with concrete. Click here for full instructions.


600 x 600 x 10 galvanized steel deck plate for installation on a deck area or existing concrete slab.


Bamboo base cover box. High quality treated bamboo wood box. Cushions are an optional extra and can be quoted on a case by case basis.



Up to 4 heater arms can be mounted on the pole. 1.5Kw Electrical, infrared heaters keep everyone warm under the shelter.


You can opt to have 2 or 4 directional spotlights, either 50W Halogen or LED, remotely controlled.

Heater Tray

Heater tray to conceal cabling and mount heating arms. Lighting can also be attached to the tray.

Ferrari 502 PVC Vinyl

  • Highly resistant membrane designed to last for many years
  • Strong protection against bad weather and UV radiation
  • Water and dirt resistant material available in over 40 colours
  • Easy maintenance
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